MP Roof

Mezher Panel polyurethane injected Sandwich panels for roofing

Application:  MP roof are polyurethane injected sandwich panels ideals for commercial, agricultural or industrial building. Having great performance in heat and sound isolation, they can also be used for cold storages and refrigerators as well as private living accomodations.




Quality Over Quantity


Facing profiling (high rib every 33.3cm) ensures uniform façade appearance.
Large bend radii guarantee durability of facing protective coating.
Folded hem along sheet metal edge to strengthen the part, eliminates sharp edges and protect against water penetration.
Rigid, self-extinguishing, Polyurethane (PUR) or Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core provides excellent thermal, sound and fire insulation parameters.
Properly profiled edges improve thermal insulation and joint tightness.
Side Tape prevents gas diffusion and the penetration of vapor into a polyurethane core (continuous thermal parameters of panels).