Sandwich Panels

Mezher Polyurethane Sandwich Panels are manufactured on an Italian production line using continuous foam pouring process between the steel sheet linings. This state of the art new production line located in Nahr-Ibrahim, Lebanon utilizes high-pressure foam mixing technology and can produce up to 10000 m2 of sandwich panel per day.
The Polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core of Mezher Sandwich Panels provide high thermal and noise solution with excellent structural properties and fire safety.
Mezher Sandwish Panels


One Panel – Many options

Mezher Sandwich Panel comes in different core materials (PUR, PIR), thicknesses, various profiling shapes and coating, many standard and non-standard colors as well as options for the vertical or horizontal installation of wall panels. All this gives our customer freedom to choose the wall and roof cladding they want according to their project requirement and budget.

Mezher Panels are designed for use as wall and roof, interior or exterior wall cladding of industrial, agricultural, storage and public building facilities. They are also used as insulation in the food and refrigeration industries as components for cold rooms and freezer. Mezher Panels reduce the maintenance costs of a building, such as heating, cooling and air conditioning and the constant release of CO2 into the atmosphere.