Pre-engineered Building

Mezher steel is one of the leading companies to offer a turnkey solution for your pre-engineered building project. Our highly skilled engineers understand your need to have a cost efficient building designed to the latest international codes, our fabrication units make sure to deliver every item with impeccable quality control, and finally our construction teams make sure that your project is handed over within schedule and budget.

A pre- engineered building has several advantages over other types of buildings and construction methods with numerous projects being completed in several fields. The low construction cost and fast delivery are one of the main advantages that made leading companies to opt for our pre-engineered building solution. In addition to that, the biggest advantage is you will be dealing with one single company, Mezher steel for the Design, fabrication and construction of your project.

A typical pre-engineered building consists of the following items:

Primary Farming

As a custom manufacturer, Mezher produces a wide array of structural systems including clear span, single slope, multi span, multi gable, roof system and lean-to frame. All are available in standard or long span options. Crane support systems and mezzanines can also be included as part of the complete building package.

Secondary framing (C-purlins)

Mezher purlins can be used with all types of modern rood cladding systems including insulated sandwich panels, single skin corrugated sheets, traditional tiles and hi-bond corrugated sheets. The steel used is 2mm thick, hot-dip galvanized (275 g/m2) to BS EN 10142:2000, BS EN10147:2000.

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Roof and Wall Panels

For over 30 years, Mezher Steel Structure has been supplying Lebanon, the Middle East & African Region with High Quality Wall and Roof Covering. Whether it’s sandwich insulating panels or single skin panels, we have a variety of products to meet your projects requirement. Our roof and wall panel are an important factor in our production line to give you a complete turnkey solution for your project.

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Structural subsystems (canopies, parapets, air vents, staircases)

Several sub-structural parts can be added to your building such as overhead canopies, architectural parapets on the roof, air vents and staircases. All designed to the latest codes and top quality in fabrication and execution.

Mezzanine and steel metal decks

For an additional operational space to your project, you can add a single or several mezzanine levels. Depending on their end usage, these mezzanines can have normal occupancy loads such as offices or retail space, or can be heavy duty storage areas with loads of several tons per meter square.

These mezzanines will be covered with Mezher Metal deck sheets OLG-100. These sheets are suitable under high loads and stresses and have special pockets for better adhesion with concrete. Affordable and with a low pitch profile, they are available in 0.5 mm or 0.6 mm thick steel galvanized at 275g/m². Edge trimS can be provided along the perimeter of each mezzanine and act as permanent concrete edge stopper.

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Personal and sliding doors

Each Pre-engineered building can have a customized set of sliding doors, or personal doors with all shapes and dimension. All accessories regarding these doors are provided by Mezher.


Mezher Provides and recommends a wide gutter for the roof made of galvanized 2 mm thick steel. The gutter is internal along with the drainage pipes which gives your building an aesthetical and smooth facade.


All corners along the façades and roof of the building  will be joined by flashing with different cross section, made of the same material and color of the sandwich panels or Corrugated sheets used.