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With Every project delivered, our main priority is and will always be our customer.
Benefiting from decades of experience, we always strive to achieve more, deliver on our promises and set the bar high.
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Mezher Steel Structure is Lebanon’s leading supplier of Quality Pre-Engineered Buildings, Prefabricated Houses and other steel products across a broad range of applications. Our steel buildings are designed and manufactured to international building standards for a wide range of applications such as industrial, commercial, recreational, warehousing and others.

The qualities that make Mezher Steel Structure successful are our people, our dedication to our customers and products, attention to details and our strategic location in the Middle East. Being an independent company with multiple manufacturing sites gives us the flexibility to invest in new technologies, and open up new opportunities and solutions for our customers and employees.



1960: The beginnings

The humble beginnings of Mezher Steel Structure started when three brothers decided to open a small steel workshop in Beirut. Coming from a small village in mount Lebanon, they came to Beirut with determination and ingenuity, carrying with them strong moral and ethical values.

1967: Mezher Company Established

As the business grew with the Lebanese economic boom in the sixties, Mezher Company was established to cater for the high demand of the local real estate market.

1975: Mezher Industrial company Established

Mezher Industrial company was established acquiring stronger knowledge and experience by adding a broader range of steel building accessories.

1978: First Expansion

As the production increased, first expansion happened by establishing a second branch in Mount Lebanon in kennabet Broumana.

1979: Pre-engineered Arc buildings

A new and pioneering building method was introduced that launched a new age of pre-engineered building methods in Lebanon and the region.

1982: PU Sandwich Panels

We were the first company in the middle east to start manufacturing polyurethane injected Sandwich Panels.

1993: Second Expansion :New Headquarters

The new headquarters were established in Dekwene, Beirut.

2007: Mezher steel structure

The company went through a rebranding strategy and renamed Mezher Steel Structure.

2011: Third expansion

New and Additional factory of 10 000 sqm was put in service in Hsoun in Mount Lebanon to cater for the increased production and the newest technologies in the market.
Our Identity

The best Quality that ever delivered

For over 60 years, Mezher Steel Structure has built a solid reputation for quality. Our name has become a staple for quality steel products within the metal building industry. The end result for our customer is a cost effective building solution that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations, from start to finish. Mezher’s commitment to excellence provides premium-grade steel buildings at the lowest price available.
From local community projects to multinational developments, we have been delivering our extensive expertise in design, engineering, fabrication. All this with the highest quality standards of building and customer service.